Essential driver training.

Any one getting a new learners permit on or after 4 April 2011 must do 12 EDT lessons with an a.d.i. At the end of each lesson the a.d.i. will discuss the progress the pupil has made and will then proceed to fill out log book. The pupil can drive in-between lessons with a sponsor in a vehicle which they are insured to drive. The sponsor must hold a full licence for 2 years and they can also fill out pupils log book. The EDT lessons are as follows.

  1. Car controls and safety checks,
  2. Correct positioning.
  3. Changing direction
  4. Progress management
  5. Correct positioning 2 (more complex situations)
  6. Anticipation and reaction.
  7. Sharing the road.
  8. Driving safely through traffic.
  9. Changing direction (more complex situations)
  10. Speed management.
  11. Driving calmly.
  12. Night time driving.

When you have your learners permit six months and have completed the above lessons you and then sit you practical driving test.